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Binance SEC Investigation

SEC Started Investigating Binance Over the BNB Sale


The Securities and Exchange Commission of the US is investigating Binance in connection with the sale of the platform's BNB coin in 2017, when the company raised $15M. The agency is to find out whether Binance broke securities laws by selling the coins at the time of the launch. According to a...

Digital dollar fight coronavirus

US developing bill to fight coronavirus with digital dollar


The Democrats bill on supporting the economy in the context of the coronavirus pandemic involves the creation of a digital version of the dollar and wallet to provide incentive payments. About it writes The Block. The current version of the bill has not yet been published and will undergo further...

Avanti US crypto bank

First regulated US crypto-bank will launch


Well-known cryptocurrency supporter and co-founder of Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, Caitlin Long announced the development of a new bank focused on providing regulated services in the field of digital currencies. The Blockstream technology company, known for its developments in the field of...

Bloomberg cryptocurrency elections

Bloomberg proposed creating regulatory framework for crypto


US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (8th place on the US Forbes list with a fortune of $64 billion) proposed creating the regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry as part of massive financial reform. Bloomberg advocates tightening consumer protection measures, he intends to...

IRS crypto startups tax

US authorities to discuss taxation with crypto startups


The U.S. IRS has announced plans to host a summit with cryptocurrency startups to discuss an approach to taxing digital assets. This was reported by Bloomberg Tax. The summit is expected to be held on March 3 at IRS headquarters in Washington. During the meeting, four-panel discussions will take...

crypto terrorism US

US Treasury: crypto - frontier in the fight with terrorism


Sigal Mandelker the U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary, told that cryptocurrencies could be the next frontier in the fight against terrorism. The official stressed that such organizations and their supporters are always in search of new ways to attract and transfer funds out of sight of law enforcement...

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