US Treasury: crypto - frontier in the fight with terrorism

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crypto terrorism US

Sigal Mandelker the U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary, told that cryptocurrencies could be the next frontier in the fight against terrorism.

The official stressed that such organizations and their supporters are always in search of new ways to attract and transfer funds out of sight of law enforcement agencies. Most people prefer the traditional financial system, but without appropriate security guarantees, cryptocurrencies could become the next frontier.

Mandelker promised that the U.S. and partners will do everything necessary to ensure that networks and fintech projects, that do not comply with legal standards, cease to exist.

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Recall, analysts at the Middle East Media Research Institute found that the terrorist organizations as ISIS, al-Qaida, and Hamas partially receive funding in crypto.

Earlier, the strategic consulting company FIN recommended that the US Congress regulate the activities of crypto companies following the Bank Secrecy Act and proposed to oblige miners to control user access to public blockchains.