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BitMEX exchange will launch spot trading in cryptocurrencies


Spot transactions with digital currencies will become available to users of BitMEX. The press service of the company said that transactions can be made in tandem with Tether (USDT). Investors will be able to trade with bitcoin, ether, UniSwap, ChainLink, Polygon, and Ape. Through the launch of...


Australian authorities reminded crypto traders of tax obligations


Australian traders must pay taxes on income received from digital asset transactions. With the corresponding reminder the day before, the Australian Tax Administration issued a reminder. Moreover, taxes must be paid on all types of transactions, including NFT tokens. Australia is on the list of...

Ethereum news futures trading

Ethereum's Open Interest Hits a New All-Time High


According to data analytics company Skew, the total number of Ether futures hit a new all-time high of $12.6 bln on November 10. The previous peak was reached recently, on September 6, when the indicator hit $11.1 bln. Open interest for BTC futures stands at $26.4 bln. The peak was set on April 14,...

Robinhood Q2 results crypto

Robinhood Q2 Report Shows Crypto Trading Growth


Menlo Park-headquartered financial services provider Robinhood published the results of the second quarter, 2021. As the report released on August 18 shows, the app’s crypto trading has grown. In Q2, cryptocurrency trading brought the company 41% of its revenue. Over this period the firm...

Coinbase stops Bitcoin SV

Coinbase Ceases BSV Trading


Leading crypto exchange CoinBase stopped BSV trading after the recent attack. On August 3, after the news that the BSV protocol suffered a 51% attack, Coinbase reported about the decision. Hackers managed to reorg more than a dozen blocks and mine 3 chains at the same time. Although the Bitcoin...

Robinhood possible feature

Robinhood to Test Feature That Reduces Volatility Impact


Crypto trading operations provider Robinhood may present a feature that protects users from crypto price ups and downs. As mentioned in a report published by Bloomberg on July 27, iOS developer Steve Moser carried out an analysis of a new code running in a final product test of the Robinhood iPhone...


Ethereum trades drop to lowest since January 2021


The largest altcoin ether (ETH) is moderately gaining in value this week. On the night of Thursday, July 8, the cryptocurrency rose to $ 2350. In 24 hours, the capitalization of ETH increased by 3% to $ 274.374 billion. Network activity grew slightly, but the number of transactions on Ethereum, on...


How to start trading cryptocurrencies


Having bought your first bitcoins, you can exchange them for other tokens on any cryptocurrency exchange. You may be lucky in making a profit as soon as possible. You don't need to be an expert to start trading cryptocurrencies, but you need to take the first steps, and many people want to know how...

Robinhood Dogecoin

Dogecoin Rally Caused Robinhood's Trades Go Down


Crypto trading provider Robinhood faced technical difficulties along with Dogecoin's record trading volumes. The first interruption happened on the site at 10:19 AM Eastern. Forty minutes later the platform announced via Tweeter that activities have been "restored for most clients"....

Robinhood crypto

Robinhood Announced 9.5 M Clients Purchased Crypto in Q1


On April 8, trading operations provider Robinhood published a blog post announcing that in the Q1 of 2021 the number of customers of its crypto trading service reached 9.5 million. In the last quarter of the previous year, this number was 1.7 million. In March the company said that since the...

South Korea crypto trading

Crypto Trading Volume in South Korea Beat Stock Market


Data reveals that on March 14, the entire purchase volume of crypto assets in South Korea surged past $14.5 B. This indicator is higher than the daily average purchase sum of the country’s stock exchange on that day. The crypto market cap hit $1.8 trillion on Sunday after BTC set a new all-time...

DEXes January

Robinhood Raised $2.4 B, Meanwhile DEXes Surge New Highs


Last week was intense for the trading app Robinhood. Connected to high demands the app temporarily halted access to some stocks. Users started to accuse the company of manipulation. The CEO of Robinhood Vlad Tenev announced on Sunday a $3 Billion margin deposits. The funds aim to help to solve...

FTX adds WSB related stocks

FTX Added a Wall Street Bets Futures


Cryptocurrency trading platform FTX has started trading for a range of Wall Street Bets markets. Wall Street Bets is the name of a popular Reddit club, which plays a role in price changes of certain assets. The platform announced the news on Thursday through a blog post. The included stocks are...


What is OTC trading?


Bitcoin trading is not only about making deals by amateurs on great crypto exchanges. OTC trading plays an influential role in the life of the coin market. OTC stands for Over-the-Counter, in literal translation - bypassing the counter / past the counter. Mostly big players are involved in it, that...

Joseph Kahn trading

Eminem's & Lady Gaga's clips director became a crypto trader


Well-known American music video director Joseph Kahn talked about his passion for crypto trading. On his Twitter, he shared how much he managed to earn on a new hobby. Kahn created clips for celebrities such as Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and many others. Now the famous...

BUX crypto trading

Europe: app for crypto trading with 0 commission is launched


Residents of 25 European countries will be able to use the BUX Crypto application from the Dutch fintech company BUX to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in euros and with zero commission for holders of native tokens. We’re proud to announce that BUX Crypto is LIVE 🎉 To celebrate the...

Paxful adds gold

Paxful launches physical gold trading for bitcoins


Paxful’s P2P platform for bitcoin trading has allowed customers to make transactions for the purchase and sale of the first cryptocurrency for physical gold. The company announced this on its blog. Site CEO Ray Youssef sees growing interest in gold as a safe investment in light of the recession...

Bittrex Global Euro

Bittrex Global: trading in pairs with euro with 0 commission


On Tuesday, March 31, the Bittrex Global crypto trading platform will launch pairs with the euro. Until April 30, trading in these markets of the site will be uncommissioned. We are excited to launch Euro Markets! BTC-EUR, ETH-EUR, USDT-EUR, BSV-EUR and TRX-EUR wallets are now open. Markets of...

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