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Synthetix News and Articles


Synthetix launches Ethereum level 2 Optimism solution


Synthetix platform for synthetic assets has carried out a preliminary launch of the second level Ethereum solution L2 Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ). Smart contracts of the Synthetix decentralized platform have been converted to the Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) format. Users can stake the native SNX...

DeFi sector funds

The volume of assets in DeFi-protocols exceeded $4 billion


The total amount of funds frozen in the services of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector exceeded $4 billion. The most popular asset remains Maker, whose dominance index is over 30%. According to the latest data, Maker accounts for $1.23 billion of all funds held in smart contracts, protocols,...

Synthetix DAO

DeFi project Synthetix switched to decentralized management


Synthetix, the largest decentralized derivatives platform, has moved to a decentralized governance model. This is reported in the project's blog. Now the organization behind the project, the Synthetix Foundation, is to be liquidated. Instead, governance will shift to three Decentralized Autonomous...

MakerDAO blocked funds

Funds blocked in Maker reached $1 billion


The volume of funds blocked in the MakerDAO DeFi protocol reached $1 billion for the first time, strengthening the project's leading position in the decentralized finance market. This is evidenced by data from the DeFi Pulse. Over the past day, this figure has increased by 6.7%. Blocked funds have...

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