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Crypto Worldcoin

A Startup That Scans EyeBall and Gives Crypto Raised $25 M


American entrepreneur, the CEO of AI study and deployment company, OpenAI, Sam Altman presents a new startup, "WorldCoin" with two partners, Alexander Blania and Max Novendstern. The project gives a new type of crypto coin to every person. It needs to scan the people's eyeballs to provide...

Zap startup Bitcoin

Lightning-solutions developer Zap raised $3.5 million


The US startup Zap, as part of its investment round earlier this year, attracted $3.5 million in funding. The company disclosed relevant information in a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Just out: Visa partner Zap secretly raised $3.5 million from the unicorn-maker behind...

Revolut fires employees

Revolut employees told about wave of layoffs under pressure


More than 50 Revolut fintech startup employees have lost their jobs. The company invited them to either write a letter of resignation by agreement of the parties with the payment of a small compensation or to be dismissed for unsatisfactory work, reports Wired. Layoffs affected Revolut employees...

Civil startup closed

Civil blockchain startup announces closure


A journalistic blockchain startup from New York Civil announced the closure after four years of operation. This was reported on the project website. According to CEO of Civil Matthew Iles, the company created an innovative product, but later it turned out that the project could not support itself...

Tencent blockchain investment

Tencent will direct $70 billion to develop blockchain and IT


Chinese Internet giant Tencent is going to allocate 500 billion yuan ($70 billion) for about five years to develop IT infrastructure. It is reported by Reuters. The funds will go towards the implementation of cybersecurity, AI, and cloud computing. Other spheres include blockchain, data centers,...

Tencent blockchain accelerator

Chinese giant Tencent launched own blockchain accelerator


Tencent technology company plans to oversee the development of 30 companies as part of the launched blockchain accelerator. It is reported by The Block. Participants can be both start-ups and existing companies. The selection criterion is the presence of at least one completed round of financing...

swiss startups coronavirus

Swiss crypto startups asked for financial assistance


Representatives of the "Crypto Valley" of the Swiss Zug are negotiating with the authorities on the creation of a special fund of 100 million francs (about $102 million) to help startups affected by the crisis against the backdrop of coronavirus. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference...

Purse startup closes

Another Bitcoin startup announces closure


Purse startup team announced a decision to close the company after 6 years of work in the crypto market. We've made the very difficult decision to dissolve the company. We're grateful for the opportunity afforded by our supporters to build products and services for the cryptocurrency...

Wave Financial bourbon tokens

Wave Financial will tokenize four million bourbon bottles


Startup Wave Financial will create a digital fund, the tokens of which will receive collateral in the form of products worth up to $20 million released by the Wilderness Trail Distillery. This was announced by CoinDesk. Available to accredited investors, the token sale will take place this year. In...

IRS crypto startups tax

US authorities to discuss taxation with crypto startups


The U.S. IRS has announced plans to host a summit with cryptocurrency startups to discuss an approach to taxing digital assets. This was reported by Bloomberg Tax. The summit is expected to be held on March 3 at IRS headquarters in Washington. During the meeting, four-panel discussions will take...

LinkedUp decentrelized LinkedIn

Dfinity showed a decentralized version of LinkedIn


The Dfinity blockchain startup showed an open decentralized variant of a social network LinkedIn for finding and establishing business contacts called LinkedUp, The Block reports. The application runs on the decentralized “Internet computer” Dfinity. According to the company, it will compete...

Visa Coinbase Plaid

Visa takes over Coinbase exchange partner for $5.3 billion


Visa payment system acquired fintech startup Plaid for $5.3 billion, working with the Coinbase crypto exchange and the Abra wallet. The deal will allow Visa to provide users with advanced payment options and related services for fintech developers. Visa's Executive Director and Chairman Al Kelly...

Ripple invests in Keyless

Ripple invests in biometric cybersecurity startup


Keyless, a startup which is focused on cybersecurity progress, has gathered over $2 million investments to create new security software that gives info about private keys of users with encrypted biometric data. This organisation intends to be preeminent in the world to mix defended multi-party...

Circle investment

Circle seeks $100 million to develop crowdfunding platform


Circle company, which owns the Poloniex exchange, has announced the search for a new general partner who can raise $100 million for its venture fund. This was reported by CoinDesk. The company expects the new partner to develop and promote an investment declaration to increase the number of large...

Two blockchain startups are being invested in by the National Association of Realtors

Two blockchain startups are being invested in by the National Association of Realtors


On June 10, Propy announced that it is one of the two organisations, which was selected by Second Century Ventures 2019 Reach accelerator class. Second Century Ventures is the VC branch of the National Association of Realtors. Every year they choose several technology corporations to start their...

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