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Nigeria's Central Bank Stated Crypto Trading Isn't Banned


Adamu Lamtek, a senior exec of Nigeria's Central Bank (CBN) informed that cryptocurrency trading isn't prohibited in the republic. In February CBN directed banks to shut down accounts that perform crypto operations. This raised a lot of discussions among the people interested in crypto. Explaining...

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Nigeria's Central Bank Ordered to Shut Crypto Accounts


Nigerian financial authority, the country's Central Bank published a letter on February 5, in which commended regulated financial establishments to shutter accounts engaged in cryptocurrency-involved activities. In the paper, CBN informed that financial institutions will identify individuals and...


Residents of Nigeria and Cuba are most interested in Bitcoin


Nigeria and Cuba topped the October ranking of the countries whose residents were most interested in Bitcoin on the Internet. That is evidenced by the latest data from the Google Trends service. The greatest surge in the activity of Internet users was observed in the second half of October when BTC...

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Nigeria is taking measures to control crypto


The Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria announced that all virtual currencies are securities for forfeit. The assertion was signed on Friday. It says that crypto proposes additional investment methods for people and needs to be managed to guarantee contributor safety and trading...

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