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nasdaq News and Articles

Robinhood listing on NASDAQ

Robinhood Will Be Listed on Nasdaq on July 29


Popular trading broker Robinhood will be listed on Nasdaq today (July 29). However, before the listing itself, the company holds an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that allows earlier investments to the company's stock. This means all interested companies and individuals can invest in stocks....


Stronghold Digital Mining raises $105M in IPO on Nasdaq


American mining company Stronghold Digital Mining with a focus on the use of green energy expects to raise $ 105 million following an IPO on the Nasdaq. The shares can be listed under the SDIG ticker. Stronghold Digital Mining converts waste coal into energy used to mine Bitcoin. The regulator of...

Diginex is on Nasdaq

Diginex Publishes on NASDAQ


A digital monetary assistance and blockchain solutions firm Diginex Limited begins exchanging on NASDAQ. Officials informed that Diginex Limited will purchase on NASDAQ by the key sign ‘EQOS’ allowing capitalists to take part in the extension of digital currency. This is great news as it's the...

canaasn shares lows

Shares of mining giant Canaan hit historic lows


Shares of the mining giant Canaan on the Nasdaq exchange have updated their historical low, closing below $2 on Monday, June 15th. This is evidenced by Yahoo Finance. On this day, the stock fell to $1.98, losing 3.9% during the trading session. Thus, since November last year, Canaan quotes fell 78%...

Canaan mining stock

Shares of mining giant Canaan have fallen by almost 40%


Since listing on Nasdaq last month, Canaan, a Chinese mining company, has dipped by nearly 40%. In November, Canaan Creative raised $90 million during an IPO, posting 10 million US depositary receipts for $9. Оn December 13, the securities of a mining company are trading at around $5.71. In a...

Canaan Inc. IPO

Canaan Inc. raised $90 million in the US IPO


BTC mining engines building corporation Canaan gathered $90 million after rating its US IPO at the ground of its marketed range. The Hangzhou exchanged American depositary shares for $9 apiece and gathered $10 million on Wednesday. As to records of the US SEC, the shares had been traded for $9-11....

Bitcoin mining devices maker Canaan

Canaan Inc. lost Credit Suisse as a lead in its IPO


Bitcoin mining devices maker Canaan Inc. lost the lead for its US IPO and has scaled back its offering. According to the information the corporation reported to the US SEC, it intends to offer 10 million American depository shares at $9 to $11 apiece to raise about $110 million. Previously, Canaan...

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