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Celsius Mining

Celsius Mining files for IPO


Mining company Celsius Mining, a subsidiary of the crypto-lending platform Celsius Network, has confidentially filed an S-1 application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an IPO. "The registration statement is expected to become effective after the SEC completes its...

Reddit IPO news

Reddit Applied for an Initial Public Offering


Social news and discussion website Reddit announced filing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of its common stock with the US SEC. As the company mentioned in a tweet, the number of shares and the price aren't determined yet. The IPO is supposed to be held after the SEC's review, subject market,...

Iris Energy

Mining company Iris Energy sets a hard cap for IPO over $223M


Australian mining company Iris Energy plans to raise approximately $223.3 million during its initial public offering (IPO). In an earlier-filed form, Iris Energy indicated an expected IPO volume of $100 million. According to the revised prospectus, the company will offer 8,269,231 common shares,...


Stronghold Digital Mining raises IPO target To $127M


American mining company Stronghold Digital Mining announced an increase in its initial public offering (IPO) to $ 127 million. The firm will place 6,687,305 Class A shares at $ 19. It is planned that the securities will begin trading on the Nasdaq on October 20, 2021, under the ticker SDIG, and the...

Robinhood listing on NASDAQ

Robinhood Will Be Listed on Nasdaq on July 29


Popular trading broker Robinhood will be listed on Nasdaq today (July 29). However, before the listing itself, the company holds an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that allows earlier investments to the company's stock. This means all interested companies and individuals can invest in stocks....


Stronghold Digital Mining raises $105M in IPO on Nasdaq


American mining company Stronghold Digital Mining with a focus on the use of green energy expects to raise $ 105 million following an IPO on the Nasdaq. The shares can be listed under the SDIG ticker. Stronghold Digital Mining converts waste coal into energy used to mine Bitcoin. The regulator of...

Binance CZ about IPO

Binance US Is Planning an Initial Public Offering IPO


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) revealed that the company's U.S. branch may go public via an IPO. The announcement was made during an online conference REDeFiNE Tomorrow held on July 23. CZ also said that the major crypto exchange Coinbase helped to form a "playbook" for crypto firms...

Robinhood IPO crypto

Robinhood Files for Initial Public Offering


On July 1, California-based financial services company Robinhood filed for IPO with the US SEC. The news came one day later after being fined $70 M by Wall Street's industry regulator. Despite the fine and lawsuits, the platform has been growing. Currently, it holds over $80 M in assets and the...


Crypto exchange INX raised $85 million following an IPO


INX, digital security and cryptocurrency trading platform, raised $ 85 million following an IPO of its Ethereum tokens registered by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. More than 7,200 retail and institutional investors from 75 countries took part in the placement. The company received 54%...

Robinhood IPO

Robinhood Applies for IPO


On March 23, online broker Robinhood has filed for an IPO (initial public offering) with the SEC in confidence. The team verified the news by posting a blog post. It's not clear yet how the process will be managed. However, according to Bloomberg, Robinhood considers listing the shares on...

eToro IPO

eToro Discusses to Launch an IPO at $5 B


Israeli technology news site Calcalist announced that financial services firm eToro intends to apply for an initial public offering (IPO). Based on the report, eToro is in discussions with an investment banking firm Goldman Sachs to launch a $5 B worth IPO. The organization aims to carry out the...

Coinbase IPO

Coinbase Files for an IPO


Cryptocurrency trading market Coinbase waits to get the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Afterwards, the protocol will be able to launch an Inicial Public Offering. Coinbase has been planning to launch an IPO since summer. The protocol is really popular. Launched in 2012,...

Ebang IPO

Ebang raised $101 million through an IPO


Chinese miner manufacturer Ebang International Holdings raised $101 million through an IPO, according to the Nasdaq website. Priced at $685 million, the company issued 19.3 million shares at a price of $5.23. This is 59,000 less than planned. Initially, the manufacturer of ASIC miners expected to...

Ebang International investment

Chinese mining giant Ebang intends to raise $100 million


Mining equipment manufacturer, Ebang International, has submitted an initial public offer (IPO) to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, during which the company intends to raise up to $100 million, the agency’s website reported. The Chinese company intends to place Class A ordinary shares...

SEC Gram token security

New York court recognizes Gram tokens as securities


A court in the Southern District of New York recognized Gram tokens as securities and forbade transferring them to buyers who acquired IPO rights at the beginning of 2018. A preliminary court decision was made on Tuesday, March 24, and can be appealed. The court agreed with the position of the US...

Ripple's CEO

Ripple CEO hints at IPO during the WEF


At the WEF in Davos, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse called the initial public offering (IPO) the company's “natural evolution.” So, he said that in the next year, in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, it will be possible to observe an IPO boom and did not exclude its Ripple. “We are...

Canaan Inc. IPO

Canaan Inc. raised $90 million in the US IPO


BTC mining engines building corporation Canaan gathered $90 million after rating its US IPO at the ground of its marketed range. The Hangzhou exchanged American depositary shares for $9 apiece and gathered $10 million on Wednesday. As to records of the US SEC, the shares had been traded for $9-11....

Bitcoin mining devices maker Canaan

Canaan Inc. lost Credit Suisse as a lead in its IPO


Bitcoin mining devices maker Canaan Inc. lost the lead for its US IPO and has scaled back its offering. According to the information the corporation reported to the US SEC, it intends to offer 10 million American depository shares at $9 to $11 apiece to raise about $110 million. Previously, Canaan...

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