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Galaxy Digital News and Articles

Galaxy Digital Goldman OTC

Goldman Sachs Conducted OTC Crypto Trade with Galaxy Digital


International investment bank Goldman Sachs implemented an Over the Counter crypto trade, becoming the first large US bank to do so. Galaxy Digital, a blockchain, and crypto-focused financial services institution, revealed that its trading unit has made the transaction easier in the form of a BTC...

Galaxy Digital Bitcoin mining

Galaxy Digital Launches BTC-Focused Sustainability Program


Technology-driven investment management firm Galaxy Digital started an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) program focused on ensuring environmentally-friendly Bitcoin mining. Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz wrote that the company built a structured approach to implement...

Galaxy Digital crypto

Galaxy Digital Announced Raising $500 M


Blockchain tech and crypto-focused financial services provider Galaxy Digital announced raising funds. The firm will contribute the amount to the growth of the crypto space. Galaxy Digital intends to raise $500 M by selling five-year convertible notes in exchange for company stocks. As the company...

Time Galaxy Digital metaverse Ether

Time Magazine Partners With Galaxy Digital and Buys ETH


Established news provider Time and tech-focused finance services firm Galaxy built a partnership, in terms of which Time will release informative content about metaverse (shared virtual environment) and receive payments in Ethereum (Ether). All transactions will be managed on the Ethereum...

Galaxy Digital Q1 2021

Galaxy Digital’s Q1 Revenue Grew Twice


New York-based financial services provider Galaxy Digital which is centered on digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain, presented the outcomes of the first quarter of 2021. The company's Chief Executive Officer Michael Novogratz states that the firm's net income reached $860 M. Last...

Galaxy Digital Bitcoin ETF

Galaxy Digital Applied for Bitcoin ETF


On April 12, financial services provider Galaxy Digital introduced an appeal with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF. If authorized the product will be offered on the stocks and options market NYSE Arca previously known as ArcaEx. Its rate will be estimated through Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index. The firm...

Canada Bitcoin fund

Galaxy Digital Launches New BTC Fund in Canada


Bitcoin price is going up achieving new highs. Galaxy Digital also saw massive growth in its Bitcoin fund trading volumes in Q3 2020. Recently the founder and CEO of the company Mike Novogratz announced that they are extending services in Canada along with CI Global Asset management. The CI Galaxy...

Galaxy Digital loss

Mike Novogratz's bank recorded a loss of $33 million


According to the results of the IV quarter of 2019, the crypto bank of billionaire Mike Novogratz Galaxy Digital received a loss of $32.9 million. The company disclosed financial indicators in a press release. In the framework of the conference call, after the publication of the reports, the head...

Mike Novogratz bank

$58 million: 3 quarters profit of Mike Novogratz crypto bank


The net cumulative income of Galaxy Digital, the cryptocurrency trading bank for the first nine months of this year, was $58.4 million, despite a net loss of $68.2 million in the third quarter. The most problematic enterprise for Galaxy in the third quarter was the OTC platform. It accounts for...

Galaxy Digital offers cryptocurrency options

Galaxy Digital offers cryptocurrency options to institutional investors


Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency merchant bank of billionaire Mike Novogratz, announced that it has begun to offer cryptocurrency options to its institutional clients to hedge the risks associated with the volatility of digital assets, reported by The Block. Thus, mining farms, cryptocurrency...

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