Time Magazine Partners With Galaxy Digital and Buys ETH

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Time Galaxy Digital metaverse Ether

Established news provider Time and tech-focused finance services firm Galaxy built a partnership, in terms of which Time will release informative content about metaverse (shared virtual environment) and receive payments in Ethereum (Ether). All transactions will be managed on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the company will add ETH to its balance sheet for the first time.

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The content will be published in a weekly newspaper, called "Into the Metaverse". Time will select 100 influential firms to list them in a new section of the website as companies playing essential roles in the development of the metaverse ecosystem.

Leading web 3 companies can submit their applications till December 31. Time will present them in the Time100 2022 list.

Earlier, Time started to accept crypto for subscription and for viewing content Also, the magazine previously auctioned NFTs presenting covers and pieces of publications.

And now, Time will educate about one of the booming tech trends, metaverse, through another rapidly growing sphere, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These two also are closely connected as crypto provides ownership of digital assets, which is a motivational reason for investments.