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Diem News and Articles

Diem stablecoin project closes

Meta's Crypto Project Diem Shuts Down


Meta's stablecoin project Diem, initially called Libra, is shutting down. According to a report by Wall Street Journal, a person familiar with the subject said that the Diem Association is selling the technology to California-based bank Silvergate Capital for $200 M. Silvergate Capital agreed to...


Diem withdrew the application for a license in Switzerland


The project behind the development of the digital currency, Diem, has withdrawn an application for a license as a payment system in Switzerland. This was reported by the local Financial Market Supervision Authority (FINMA). The Swiss regulator explained the withdrawal of the application by the fact...

Libra becomes Diem

Facebook's Libra Currency Changed its Name to Diem


Before the suggested launch of its dollar-pegged stablecoin, the Libra Association has changed its name to the Diem Association. According to Reuters, the remodeling can be beneficial while getting regulatory verifications for the expected Diem stablecoin as it highlights the self-sufficiency of...

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