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South Korea crypto tax

South Korea Put Off 25% Crypto Tax To 2025


The government of South Korea put off taxes on crypto earnings to 2025, according to the 2022 tax reform plan. Officials delayed the plans before. In December they announced postponing taxes until 2023. The government plan to tax 20% crypto profits over KRW 2.5 million (US$1,900) in a one-year...

Portugal crypto tax

Portugal's Parliament Rejects Crypto Tax Bills


During a budget voting session on May 25, the Parliament of Portugal rejected proposals to tax BTC and other cryptos. The bills suggested taxing crypto profits in excess of €5,000 (equal to $5,340.45). Since 2018, Portugal has considered taxing individual crypto sales. Currently, the country...

Bitcoin Germany

Germany Released a Crypto Tax Guide


The Ministry of Finance (BMF) of Germany has updated its crypto policy. According to new rules, the sale of bought digital assets like bitcoin and eth won't be taxed if held longer than a year. It is the first time that Germany issues a nationwide uniform and instructions on cryptos. In addition to...

India crypto tax law

Indian Parliament Passed Crypto Tax Law


Despite all the calls from the industry, India passed crypto tax laws, according to which Indians will pay a 30% tax on profits from cryptocurrency transactions starting from April 1. Moreover, apart from already high tax, traders will have to pay 1% tax deducted at source (TDS), while the law...

lawsuit crypto crypto tax

IRS Said Unsold, Staked Crypto Won't Be Taxed


Rules for tax on crypto have been uncertain in the US. As a result of a lawsuit, started in May 2021, the Internal Revenue Service said that it would refund $3,293 in income tax (and statutory interest) to a Nashville couple. Previously, the couple had paid the amount on 8.876 Tezos tokens they had...


UK crypto exchanges will pay tax


The British authorities have ordered all cryptocurrency exchanges to pay a 2% tax. The corresponding decision was made by the Kingdom's Tax Office (HMRC). Digital assets are not recognized as financial instruments by local officials, so crypto exchanges cannot qualify for benefits. A similar fee...


Kazakhstan President is troubled with the lack of mining tax income


President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomar Tokayev met with business representatives. The head of the republic expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that miners do not pay taxes to the state budget. He recalled that Kazakhstan ranks second after the United States in terms of the amount of generated...

Argentina taxes crypto

Argentina Starts Taxing Crypto Transactions


The new decree issued by the government of Argentina presents taxation rules for crypto transactions. It states the modifications aim to ensure that there is equal tax treatment for Payment Service Providers (PSP) and ensure fiscal sustainability. For that purpose, the country needs to limit...


7 countries that do not tax bitcoin profits


There is no unified crypto taxation system. Some countries are more liberal than others. Here's our list of eight of the most crypto-friendly tax authorizations....

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