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The trend for long-term storage of bitcoin is growing


In mid-September, Arcane Research reported that the number of bitcoins placed on crypto exchanges had dropped to a three-year low. The last time a similar situation was observed was in August 2018. Long-term BTC holders refuse to sell cryptocurrencies even as they drop in value. According to...


The number of large ETH holders rises to highest since 2018


Santiment data shows that the whales have taken advantage of the drop in ether to buy cryptocurrency at comfortable prices. The number of wallets. containing more than $ 100,000 of ETH rose to its highest level since January 2018. Whales have intensified amid falling altcoin prices from $ 4,358 to...


Argentine officials will collect info about crypto holders


Amid the acute financial crisis in Argentina, investments in cryptocurrencies are growing. Argentina is currently on the list of Latin American countries leading in terms of Bitcoin purchases through the LocalBitcoins platform. The local peso currency is rapidly losing market position, and people...

ProtonMail hodls Bitcoins

ProtonMail has been HODLing its Bitcoin payments for years


ProtonMail announced on November 16 that it hasn’t been using any of BTCs it has received as payment from its premium users for years. The message was in answer to a client who accused that he felt derelict for using Bitcoin on a ProtonMail invoice instead for a long-term hodling. The exchange...

Internal Revenue Service

Crypto investors receive new income-reporting rules from IRS


Internal Revenue Service sent new guidance to cryptocurrency holders. The IRS published two documents (a ruling and a question-and-answer paper) on Wednesday. This is the first guidance since 2014, and it contains information about expected methods of reports about income from cryptocurrencies....

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