ProtonMail has been HODLing its Bitcoin payments for years

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ProtonMail hodls Bitcoins

ProtonMail announced on November 16 that it hasn’t been using any of BTCs it has received as payment from its premium users for years.

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The message was in answer to a client who accused that he felt derelict for using Bitcoin on a ProtonMail invoice instead for a long-term hodling.

The exchange answered a tweet from the CCO of digital gift card retailer BitRefill, promoting Bitcoiners, “Please don't ‘put your BTC to work’”.

This provoked one follower to respond that they had “spent Bitcoin on my ProtonMail invoice I’m feeling safe and HODL guilty all at once”.

To ease the customer’s HODL guilt, ProtonMail replied that it would hold the BTC instead of a consumer, remarking that it doesn’t trade Bitcoins and “haven’t for years”.

While the option to pay Bitcoins for a premium account isn't accessible for new account users, it's possible for being email holders, even those using the free version who want to renew.

The service also receives BTC donations and has gathered over 200 BTC — or about $2 million at present prices — go into its wallet.