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CoinFLEX laid off most of the staff


Amid the dominance of bearish sentiment in the market, many cryptocurrency exchanges began to lay off employees as part of business optimization. Moreover, some companies were forced to cut more than half of their staff to reduce costs and concentrate on the most profitable areas. At the end of...

CoinFlex crypto

CoinFLEX Says Investor Roger Ver Has a $47 M Debt


Mark Lamb, the Chief Executive Officer of the cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinFLEX said investor Roger Ver owes the company $47 M in the USDC stablecoin. He tweeted that they have a contract with Ver which obligates him to guarantee his account’s negative equities and add margin. Lamb also...


CoinFLEX Suspends Withdrawals and Trading of Its Token


Cryptocurrency derivatives platform CoinFLEX has suspended user withdrawals due to “extreme market conditions” and “counterparty uncertainty.” This was announced by the head of the company Mark Lamb. Lamb stressed that the said counterparty is not Three Arrows Capital (3AC) hedge fund or...

Libra coin

Sceptics can now bet on Facebook’s Libra launch delays


After Facebook announced its plans about launching a cryptocurrency, it faced overwhelming scorn. And now everyone is sceptically tuned that the launch will be at the time Facebook has targeted. A crypto-futures exchange CoinFLEX is now offering derivatives that payout based on the likelihood will...

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