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CBDC News and Articles

South Korea

South Korea announced completion of the first phase of testing CBDC


Recently, the Central Bank of South Korea completed the first phase of testing the state-owned digital asset CBDC. It is known that the trial use of the sovereign cryptocurrency was launched in August 2021 and ended in December. Already, according to the YNA report, the financial regulator has...

Bank of America strategists CBDC

Bank of America Expects US CBDC To Be Launched Till 2030


Bank of America’s analysts released a report, where they said that Central Bank Digital Currencies are an unavoidable advancement of the existing digital assets. As per a news article by Bloomberg, the experts said in the note that the US digital dollar will be different from other digital...

Fed Central bank digital currency

US Fed Published a Study on Digital Dollar


The Federal Reserve System of the USA published a research paper on the digital USD, discovering the currency’s advantages and shortcomings. The establishment said that this is the first step between the system and stakeholders. Originally, the release was expected to be published in the summer...


Iran plans to start testing its token in the near future


Iranian authorities expect to use the national digital currency (CBDC) to bypass US economic sanctions. According to local media reports, the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic plans to provide access to the token to all test participants. However, the regulator has not yet named any specific...


Malaysia may isue its national digital asset


Malaysia may join those countries that are planning to issue their national digital currency (CBDC). The Central Bank of this country has not yet made a final decision. Soon, he will focus on exploring the potential of the token and developing the CBDC concept. If the Central Bank concludes that it...


Jamaican Prime Minister thinks 70% of the residents will use CBDC


Back in 2020, the Central Bank of Jamaica announced its readiness to launch its token. The regulator already then began to negotiate with IT companies that should help the country create a national digital currency. Prime Minister Andrew Holness told reporters that he has no doubts about the...

Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao supported the CBDC concept


According to the CEO of the crypto exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao, CBDC will make a great contribution to the development of the global economy. The cryptocurrency industry will benefit from the emergence of an innovative tool, but the central banks issuing their tokens should not be allowed to...


China continues to squeeze cryptocurrencies out of financial market


China imposed a ban on all cryptocurrency transactions for financial institutions and payment companies. Banks and online services are prohibited from advertising any transactions that relate to them. It is also forbidden to mine cryptocurrency, but with all this, it is allowed to keep virtual...


Central Bank of Kazakhstan reveals details of its CBDC concept


In May, the head of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Yerbolat Dossayev, said that testing the digital tenge (CBDC) could begin this year. This week, the Central Bank published a report in which it revealed some details of its concept of a national digital currency. This document states that the...

BIS France Switzerland CBDC

French and Swiss Central Banks Tried CBDC


In terms of the program Jura, national banks of France and Switzerland, together with the BIS Innovation Hub implemented a test for wCBDC (wholesale central bank digital currency). The experiment was a part of the Banque of France series of CBDC tests, which started in March 2020. It leveraged a...


CB of Thailand demanded from banks to stop working with cryptos


The Bank of Thailand plans to launch a national digital currency (CBDC). Back in the spring, the regulator announced trials of its token. At the same time, the Central Bank is very negative concerning bitcoin and other virtual coins. On December 7, the Central Bank issued a decree requiring...


Indonesia’s Central Bank wants to fight crypto with CBDC


Recently, more and more countries have announced their readiness to issue a national digital currency (CBDC). Moreover, central banks do not hide the fact that by integrating their token into the financial sector of the state, they intend to reduce the impact of bitcoin. Judah Agung of Indonesia's...


Tanzania prepares to launch its token


In early summer, the Tanzanian authorities announced the legalization of digital currencies. Now it became known about the plans of the Central Bank to issue a token (CBDC). The corresponding statement last week was made by the head of the Central Bank Florence Luoga. According to him, the...

Bank of England

Bank of England Supports Global CBDC Concept


Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the instruments of our future to bring about a global financial revolution. This point of view is shared by the management of the Bank of England. Deputy Head of the Central Bank John Cunliffe, during his speech at the Parliamentary Committee on Economic...


Test version of Brazilian CBDC will appear by the beginning of 2022


Back in early summer, the press center of the Central Bank of Brazil announced the regulator's plans to issue a digital version of the real (CBDC) within the next two to three years. Then, information about the start of token testing began to spread on social networks. The Central Bank denied these...


Peru central bank announced the launch of its own token


Many states have already announced plans to create national digital currencies (CBDCs). In addition to the CBs of China and Sweden, many other regulators from Europe and Asia have issued a series of statements of intent over the past two years to introduce tokens pegged to fiat currencies. The...

Central bank

Brazilian central bank denies digital real test rumors


In early June, the press service of the Central Bank of Brazil said that digital real could appear in approximately two or three years. The authorities of the country will not rush to launch a national token (CBDC), as they need additional time to assess the long-term potential of the instrument...

Swiss National Bank

Bank of Switzerland announced the technical readiness of CBDC


Swiss National Bank (SNB) has completed testing of the wholesale CBDC (wCBDC). Board member Thomas Moser said in an interview that the technical launch could take place in January 2022, subject to a political decision. If approved, the regulator will use the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)....

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