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bitgo News and Articles

BitGo NY license

Digital Asset Services BitGo Earned New York Trust License


California-headquartered crypto-assets investment services operator BitGo announced getting a license from NY regulatory and now operates as an independent Qualified Custodian. BitGo is proud to announce a new license under New York State Banking Law to operate as an independent Qualified...

BTC custodian funds reached 16 B

BitGo Now Holds Assets Worth 16 B


California-based digital asset trust and security firm BitGo informed about its custodial funds reaching 16 B. Market analysts indicate that most likely this is a result of institutional investors needing to ensure security for custody. Among BitGo's customers are Galaxy Digital, Goldman Sachs, and...


PayPal refused to acquire crypto custodian BitGo


PayPal has refused to acquire crypto custody company BitGo. In October, there were reports that PayPal was in talks with BitGo for purchase, but the payment company was considering other options. BitGo, according to CEO Mike Belsh, has "been in talks with everyone for years." The...


BitGo will issue Wrapped Ether and Wrapped Bitcoin on Tron


The Tron Foundation has partnered with custodian company BitGo to issue two new tokens - Wrapped Ether and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). WBTC is going to be represented as a TRC20 token pegged to BTC 1:1. WBTC was the first token to make BTC cooperative with the Ethereum blockchain. There are currently...

Mike Belshe

BitGo CEO to investors: "Invest up to 3% of capital in BTC"


According to BitGo CEO Mike Belshe, each investor needs to invest up to 3% of their capital in bitcoin. This expert expressed his position on Twitter and stressed that in addition to BTC, you could buy gold. My dry cleaner called today to tell me they are out of business and I had to pickup. This...

BitGo fired employees

BitGo fired 12% of employees after two acquisitions


BitGo, a provider of custodial cryptocurrency solutions for institutional investors, has reduced 12% of its staff amid the expansion of the business, The Block reports. Layoffs affected various departments of the company, including marketing and sales. A BitGo spokesman called the abbreviation...


BitGo acquires Lumina as part of its institutional platform


BitGo announced the purchase of a startup Lumina, which contributes economic and tax reporting services. The new procurement will let BitGo extend the range of services and create a universal cryptocurrency platform for investors. Organization CEO Mike Belsh said that now BitGo customers will be...

Bitcoin SV

BitGo warns that Bitcoin SV’s hard fork will stun the wallet


BitGo, a cryptocurrency management organization, warns its users to convert their Bitcoin SV coins due to a compatibility issue. The company mentioned that the upcoming hard fork of the altcoin, known as Genesis, contains a protocol modification that can bring to the impossibility of the wallet to...

Multisig wallet

Multi-signature wallets and their benefits


Technologies don’t stay still, and innovations are appearing every day. One of those modern tools we want you to be acquainted with is multisig wallet. Multisig is a unique type of digital signature which allows two or a higher number of users to approve accounts acting as an organization. It’s...

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