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Bitcoin investments News and Articles

Bitcoin ETFs explained

What Are Bitcoin ETFs? Which Countries Have Approved Them?


In 2021 first Bitcoin ETFs got validated. The interest in these products keeps rising. They are exchange-traded funds that follow the value of BTC and the trading process is held on traditional markets in the place of cryptocurrency exchanges. So, BTC exchange-traded funds enable investing in the...

Motley Fool BTC investment

Financial Advisor Motley Fool Adds $5 M BTC to Its Portfolio


Virginia-based monetary and investing advice company announced investing $5 M in Bitcoin. The purchased coins will be added to the company's assets-and-liabilities as well as to its "10X" campaign. That means Motley Fool expects Bitcoin price to reach $500.000 within 15 years. The...

Morgan Stanley BTC

Morgan Stanley Acquires 11% Stakes at MicroStrategy


New York-based multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley had acquired 792,627 shares in business intelligence firm MicroStrategy. This is a 10.9% stake in a company that has made large investments in Bitcoin over the last several months. MicroStrategy has shown interest in the crypto industry...

Who is investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin whales undergoing institutional accumulation?


The cryptocurrency market may have been experiencing sideways for the past months, yet just like any other industry, it is slowly getting the attention of big players. In fact, according to a survey by Fidelity Investments, “about 22% of institutional investors already have some exposure to...

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