Financial Advisor Motley Fool Adds $5 M BTC to Its Portfolio

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Motley Fool BTC investment

Virginia-based monetary and investing advice company announced investing $5 M in Bitcoin. The purchased coins will be added to the company's assets-and-liabilities as well as to its "10X" campaign. That means Motley Fool expects Bitcoin price to reach $500.000 within 15 years.

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The company pointed out three reasons to invest in BTC. They are the coin's being better storage of value than gold, being an efficient hedge against inflation, and that probably it will turn into a medium of exchange.

BTC became the 40th asset the advisory added to the 10X portfolio. Among the other investments are computing, fintech, e-commerce firms like Appian Corporation, CRISPR Therapeutics, Etsy, and others. There is also social media service Pinterest, mobile multiplayer platform Skillz, and video communication program Zoom.

Motley Fool advises holding a diverse portfolio with 30 separate stocks for at least five years.