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Bitcoin BTC hashrate

Bitcoin Hashrate Set a New All-Time High


The hashrate of the BTC network set a new all-time high of 209 exahashes per second on January 1. This number indicates the computational power that is used for minting new coins. In June 2021, the BTC hashrate saw a major fall, dropping as low as 61 EH/s. The main reason for the decline was the...

Bitcoin hashrate goes up

BTC Hashrate Starts to Recover


The hashrate of Bitcoin which fell significantly after the China mining crackdown, started to recover, going up by around 15%. Hashrate indicates the amount of computing power used in a second for BTC mining. The seven-day moving average of BTC hash rate reached 100 exahashes per second (EH/s)...

Bitcoin hashrate falls

Bitcoin Hashrate Fell at 103.34 EH/s


According to data provided by the mining calculator CoinWarz, the Bitcoin hashrate fell at 103.34 EH/s. Hashrate is an important indicator of BTC performance as it reflects the value of how many hashes are being produced by miners attempting to solve a BTC block. So, it depends on the mining...


After halving, bitcoin hashrate decreased by 16%


Bitcoin hash rate decreased by about 16% after the third decrease in block reward. According to estimates, the daily income of miners fell by about 44% after halving - from $ 16.1 million to $ 9 million. Most old miners, such as Antminer S9, are now unprofitable. Miners of the new generation -...


Bitcoin hashrate approaches 150 EH/s


Roughly on May 12, there will be a drop in the award of BTC miners or the so-called halving. In anticipation of this event, the amount of computing power used to extract cryptocurrency has approached 150 exams per second (EH/s). In early March, this figure reached 125 EH/s, however, after the cost...

Bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin hash drop reduced block finding speed by 60%


The recent sharp drop in the price of bitcoin has forced miners to disconnect some of the equipment. That led to a 60% increase, in the time spent on average finding a new block. Such data were cited by Ankit Chiplunkar, a leading researcher at TokenAnalyst. 1/4) Bitcoin prices fell by 50% in the...


Bitcoin hashrate drops amid stability on Ethereum network


The hashrate of the leading crypto coin network decreased to 82.28 EH/s. Since March 12, when the cost of bitcoin fell to below $5000, the total computing power has lost about 34%. A similar pointer of Ethereum at the same time remains relatively stable since the end of February, although quotes...

Bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin hashrate decreased by almost 30%


Currently, the bitcoin hash is at 97.9 EH/s, although a little over a week ago, this indicator was 136.264 EH/s. Thus, the decrease in the total network capacity of the leading crypto amounted to 30%. Alejandro de la Torre, Vice President of the Poolin mining pool, noted that the hashrate directly...

Bitcoin's hash rate updated its historical maximum

Bitcoin network's cumulative computational power again updated its historical maximum


Last weekend, the cumulative computational power of the Bitcoin network once again updated its historical maximum, reaching 79.752 EH/s. The peak figure, according to, was on Saturday, July 20th. On Sunday, the last day for which statistics are available, the hashrate fell slightly...

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