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bitcoin ETF News and Articles

Australia Bitcoin ETF

The First Bitcoin ETF Got Approved in Australia


The first Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is expected to launch on the main market of the country, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) next week. According to the Australian Financial Review, the major equity markets clearing house ASX Clear will announce the launch of the product when...


Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Receives Public Support


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested public comment on Grayscale Investments' spot bitcoin ETF. Intelligence analyst Eric Balciunas, 95% support the launch of a financial instrument. In October 2021, the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, the parent company of...

Vaneck Bitcoin etf approved

VanEck Gets the SEC's Approval to Release a Bitcoin ETF


Major international investment company VanEck is going to release its Bitcoin futures ETF on Oct. 25. The US SEC validated the company's filing to release the product after Oct. 23. VanEck's ETF will go live on the Cboe BZX under the ticker XBTF. It will allow investments in cash-settled...

ProShares Bitcoin ETF BITO

US First Bitcoin ETF Launched, Seeing Record Interest


On October 19, the first Bitcoin ETF, approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) went live on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). The product is presented by ProShares and allows futures-based trading. It trades under the ticker "BITO". Congratulations to CEO Michael L....

Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler supports launching Bitcoin ETF futures


When Gary Gensler took over as head of the SEC, many expected him to legalize Bitcoin ETFs. However, until now, the American regulator under the leadership of Gensler has not approved a product focused on the cryptosphere.   Analysts note that the slowness of the SEC is preventing institutional...


SEC shifts the timeline for making decision about a Bitcoin ETF


The deadline for deciding on VanEck's application for the launch of the bitcoin-ETF exchange-traded crypto fund has been shifted to November 14. The corresponding statement was published in the middle of the week by the press service of the US SEC. The regulator did not voice any additional...

AdvisorShares Bitcoin ETF

AdvisorShares Applies For BTC Futures ETF


The US-based investment manager AdvisorShares filed with the SEC to release a Bitcoin ETF. As noted in the submitted papers, the fund plans to invest all or most part of its holdings in exchange-traded futures contracts on BTC and collateral. In case of approval, AdvisorShares plans to invest in...

Esther Pierce

Esther Pearce Calls on US to speed ​​up BTC ETF legalization


SEC Commissioner Esther Pierce is known in the United States as a supporter of the early legalization of the cryptosphere. It is she, along with her like-minded people, who lobbies for the digital asset recognition program. She reiterated her concern this week over Washington's delays in legalizing...


Osprey Funds CEO doubts US approves Bitcoin ETF this year


According to Osprey Funds CEO Greg King, in 2021, the SEC will not issue permission to launch Bitcoin ETF exchange-traded funds. The expert expressed his forecast during a conversation with employees of Yahoo Finance Jared Blikr and Sanna Smith. The CEO of Osprey Funds recalled the hype in the...

ARK Invest Bitcoin ETF

ARK Invest Files For Bitcoin ETF


On June 28, the asset management ARK Invest applied with the US SEC to create its BTC-based exchange-traded fund. The company's founder and CEO, Catherine Wood, who has always supported innovations, now has a goal to offer a Bitcoin-based product. Despite the present price decline, Catherine Wood...

Grayscale BTC trust ETF

GrayScale Intends to Change Its BTC Trust Into an ETF


Leading digital currency asset manager on the global scale, Grayscale announced its plans to turn the BTC Trust (GBTC) into an ETF. The asset manager filed a paper with the US SEC. Grayscale requested an ETF authorization back in 2016 but took back the request because of regulatory issues....

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