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Dan Morehead crypto meltdowns

Pantera CEO Predicts More Crypto Meltdowns Given the Fed's Policy


Dan Morehead, the CEO of the hedge fund Pantera Capital expects more meltdowns in the crypto sector. According to Morehead, continuous mistakes by the Federal Reserve have had repercussions that are seen in crypto, where more major meltdowns are possible. Bloomberg reports Morehead wrote a note...

Bear market

The market came to a bearish period


Last Monday, the largest digital currency collapsed to its lowest level since last July. The coin on some trading floors tested values ​​below $33,000, but on Tuesday it was able to rebound. Compared to the peak values ​​recorded in November, the value of BTC has fallen by almost 5%. In the...

Bull and bear markets explained

What Are Bull and Bear Markets?


Bull and Bear markets are financial terms that describe the trends and conditions of the market at a particular period of time. A bull market means that the price of the stocks is rising in terms of a longer period. A bear market is just the opposite. There is a price decrease in the market for a...

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