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Yearn Finance token

On September 14 YFI, the governance token of will be listed on Coinbase Pro. The token is pretty popular and now is trading at $34,271. Its market cap is $1 billion. All this success was recorded despite Andre Cronje's introduction that the token has no value. There is no need to buy it but earn it.

Earlier Compound’s COMP, Maker’s MKR and Band’s BAND joined the platform. People can get YFI by staking cryptocurrency in a smart contract. The primary point of is to create high amounts of interests due to made deposits and distribute the money among different DeFi lending and liquidity protocols. Now it is the fifth most popular DeFi protocol.

As for Coinbase Pro, it is is the fully-fledged exchange that supports trades between other exchange users.

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The users will have full trading access for YFI on Tuesday.