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Tezos (XTZ) price, charts and news



Tezos market data

XTZ Coin Price: $1.85
XTZ Market Cap: $1,658,388,501
XTZ Circulating Supply: 896,925,598 XTZ
XTZ Total Supply: 0.00 XTZ
XTZ 24 Hour Volume: $85,418,487
XTZ 24 Hour High: $--
XTZ 24 Hour Low: $--
XTZ 24h Change: 4.05%

What is Tezos?

Tezos is the world’s premier platform with a self-evolving function, that’s running on a blockchain. This permissionless shared and P2P system aims to develop essential progress above its competitors. The idea of creating such a network belonged to Arthur Breitman, so he brought it to life. It maintains both and smart contracts and Dapps. The engineering partners of Tezos are absolutely fronting forking cause it divides the network. Michelson a special programming language was composed by Tezos. It was uniquely built on the fundamentals of smart contracts and was specially created for letting official confirmation of the adjustment. This method of confirmation has substantially increased the safety of the network’s every smart contract. This system has selected DPoS to reach the consensus. The team decided to maintain DPoS instead of PoW cause this algorithm gives an opportunity to mine virtually. Also, the company has executed a zero-knowledge proof tool so they can resolve the obstacle of scalability. The system has produced its own coin. This coin is named XTZ and was produced by the way of “baking”. XTZ is applied for paying charges and supporting smart contracts.

XTZ price historical chart

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