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Smilecoin (SEC) News

Kraken crypto exchange SEC

Kraken’s Incoming CEO Has No Plans to Register With the SEC


Crypto exchange Kraken's newly appointed CEO Dave Ripley said he has no intentions to register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission because Kraken doesn't offer users to trade securities. According to Reuters, the executive added that there are no plans to delist any securities that the...

SEC Ripple XRP

XRP Grows 60% in a Week While the SEC vs Ripple Case Gets Tougher


Ripple's native token, XRP saw a price increase of around 60% in the last 7 days. Currently, the coin trades at about $0.5 with a market cap of over $25.8 bln. XRP is the 6th largest cryptocurrency at the moment. Replying to one of the members of the XRP community, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse...

Gary Gensler

The SEC will offer a flexible format for registering cryptocurrencies


The SEC recommends a flexible approach to registering digital tokens as securities. A similar statement is contained in the transcript of the forthcoming speech of the head of department Gary Gensler before the US Senate. "I instructed the team to devise a technique to permit the trading of...

Thailand crypto lending

Thai SEC Bans Crypto Staking and Lending Services


Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has banned crypto companies from providing staking and lending services. According to the official statement, the regulator prohibits digital asset businesses to offer or support crypto depository services, including the payment of returns to...


Thai authorities reminded citizens of the risks of investing in DeFi projects


The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) once again reminded the citizens of the country about the risks of investing in digital currencies. Only this time, the regulator urged investors to be as careful as possible when they decide to channel funds into projects deployed in the DeFi...

Gary Gensler crypto regulations

SEC Chair Says Crypto Markets Shouldn’t Be Treated Differently


Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the US SEC says there isn’t any reason to treat the cryptocurrency market in a different way than other capital markets only because it relies on different technology. According to the Wall Street Journal, Gensler mentioned the importance of investor protection,...

SEC Coinbase

SEC Investigates Coinbase Over Crypto Listings


The US SEC is looking into Coinbase over the sale of digital currencies that the agency views as securities. A Bloomberg article says that people familiar with the subject noted that the SEC increased scrutiny around Coinbase after the platform added the number of cryptos it offers for trading. A...

Gensler crypto regulations

Gary Gensler Says the SEC May Tailor Crypto Industry Disclosures


SEC chairman Gary Gensler said in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance that the agency has a disclosure regime, according to which crypto lending and trading companies need to communicate with the SEC. He also mentioned that regulators can tailor disclosure rules. Gensler noted that maybe not all...


Grayscale sues SEC over refusal to convert GBTC to ETF


Grayscale Investments initiated a lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after the regulator rejected an application to convert a GBTC trust into a bitcoin ETF. The regulator justified the verdict by inconsistency with the requirements for “preventing fraudulent and...

SEC Gary Gensler Bitcoin

SEC Chair Said BTC Is the Only Crypto that He Can Call a Commodity


The Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler said in a recent interview that Bitcoin is the only crypto that he's comfortable calling a commodity. While discussing potential regulations over crypto and crypto-backed ETFs with CNBC Squawk, Gensler mentioned that cryptos are...

SEC CFTC crypto

Gary Gensler Says SEC Is in Talks With the CFTC Over Crypto


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intends to collaborate with other government agencies to increase oversight of cryptocurrency exchanges and companies. In an interview with Financial Times, SEC chair Gary Gensler said he is holding discussions with his colleagues from the Commodity...

SEC crypto exchanges

SEC Starts Investigations Into Insider Trading on Crypto Exchanges


US regulators question whether cryptocurrency exchanges are doing enough to prevent insider trading. To find out, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission started investigations. According to a report by FOX Business, at least one large crypto exchange has received a letter requesting info about...

Binance SEC Investigation

SEC Started Investigating Binance Over the BNB Sale


The Securities and Exchange Commission of the US is investigating Binance in connection with the sale of the platform's BNB coin in 2017, when the company raised $15M. The agency is to find out whether Binance broke securities laws by selling the coins at the time of the launch. According to a...

SEC Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler Finds Crypto Exchanges Trade Against Their Clients


SEC Chair Gary Gensler criticized crypto exchange platforms, saying some of them have rules that may be against their customers. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, he said that the agency is examining most of the digital assets and trading venues and finds they should register with the...

Nvidia SEC crypto mining

US SEC Fined Nvidia $5.5 M Over Crypto Mining Impact Details


Top GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) company Nvidia was fined for not reporting details on how crypto mining impacted the company's gaming business. The US SEC published a press release saying that Nvidia agreed to pay a $5.5 M penalty for not reporting that crypto mining was a part of the company's...

SEC crypto unit

US SEC Is Expanding Its Crypto Enforcement Unit


The US financial watchdog, Securities and Exchange Commission revealed the decision to have 20 new positions to its enforcement unit for the crypto industry to prevent fraud cases in the sector. Changing its name to Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit (previously Cyber Unit) and it will expand to 50...


SEC To Probe the NFT Market To See If Token Sales Are Legal


The Securities and Exchange Commission studies the NFT (non-fungible token) market to see whether the sales comply with the agency's rules. A Bloomberg report, citing people familiar with the subject, says that the focus of the probe is to see if certain NFTs and digital assets can be used to...

Ripple XRP lawsuit

Ripple Legal Memos Are Unsealed


According to the judge's decision, Ripple unveiled legal advice documents that it had requested by law firm Perkins Coie LLP. Ripple former chief executive Chris Larsen applied to the law firm, which delivered two memos in February and October 2012. In February, Perkins Coie recommended Ripple...