Newly Released Coin Internet Computer Is Among the Top 10

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Internet Computer

Internet Computer (ICP), a coin released on May 10, now has a market cap of about $35.2 B and is among the top 10 cryptos. The token trades at about $283. Its highest price of $737 was registered on the launch day.

ICP is the in-built token of IC built by the tech firm Dfinity Foundation. The company was established in 2016 and worked on the undertaking for 5 years. Dfinity's product is the primary blockchain that carries out operations at web acceleration with limitless capability. Being an extension of the internet, the network represents a public platform that aims to deliver decentralized and more efficient internet with low compute costs.

Dfinity Foundation's establisher and chief specialist Dominic Williams says that in comparison with the majority of blockchains that work on the cloud, the Internet Computer is fully based on dedicated hardware that are set up by separate sources globally.

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