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DAO Maker (Wormhole) (DAO) News

CFTC DAO crypto

CFTC Sues a DAO for the First Time


The US derivatives markets regulator CFTC (Commodity and Futures Trading Commission) filed a lawsuit against the Decentralized Autonomous Organization bZeroX and its founders Tom Bean and Kyle Kistner. CFTC claims that the DAO has facilitated margined and leveraged retail commodity transactions,...

DAO buy the broncos

New DAO Aims to Buy Denver Broncos NFL Team


A group of crypto community members formed a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to acquire National Football League team Denver Broncos. The team announced officially that it is up for sale and that the expected amount of the deal is over $4 bln. Therefore, the DAO with the name 'Buy the...


Qubit to be taken over by DAO after losing $80 million


The development team behind the DeFi protocols Qubit Finance and Bunny Finance has announced that it will transfer project management to a DAO. At the end of January, an unknown person withdrew digital assets worth about $80 million from the Qubit pool. According to the statement, the team invested...

Synthetix DAO

DeFi project Synthetix switched to decentralized management


Synthetix, the largest decentralized derivatives platform, has moved to a decentralized governance model. This is reported in the project's blog. Now the organization behind the project, the Synthetix Foundation, is to be liquidated. Instead, governance will shift to three Decentralized Autonomous...