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Indian banks and companies to take part in digital rupee testing


The Reserve Bank of India wants to involve fintech companies and commercial banks in testing CBDC. In March, the Ministry of Finance announced that the Central Bank token could be launched as early as 2022. According to the local publication Moneycontrol, the regulator has begun negotiations with...

Central bank

The European Central Bank believes that CBDC will replace Bitcoin


A study by the European Central Bank states that national digital currencies have a higher potential than bitcoin (BTC). Moreover, the CB tokens will be able to even push decentralized cryptocurrencies into the background in the future. According to the regulator's analysts, CBDC will solve many...

Central bank

European CB will complete the study of the potential of CBDC in 2023


The European Central Bank plans to complete studies on the digital euro by the end of autumn 2023. After that, the regulator will present the official concept of CBDC, according to the report of the ECB, published in the middle of this week. Its authors believe that the regional digital currency...


BIS urges central banks to build 'bridges' between CBDC platforms


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) supports central banks' plans to create national digital currencies (CBDCs). Back in 2021, this financial institution published a report in which it predicted that the introduction of Central Bank tokens will lay the conditions for the modernization of...


USDC issuer doubts effectiveness of central bank tokens


Central banks wishing to issue their tokens (CBDC) believe that with the help of an innovative tool, they can modernize the financial infrastructure. However, Circle, which developed the USDC stablecoin, has a different point of view. She estimates that the CBDC will harm the financial system....

Reserve bank

Reserve Bank of India proposes phased approach to CBDC implementation


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has advocated a phased approach to CBDC implementation to maintain control over the process. News 18 writes about this concerning the annual report of the regulator. “The Reserve Bank proposes to take a stepwise approach to CBDC implementation, step by step going...


The CB of Brazil can deploy a digital real on the Stellar blockchain


Brazil has joined those countries that are considering options for creating a national digital currency (CBDC). However, the Central Bank of this Latin American state will not rush to launch the token. The largest Brazilian bitcoin exchange Mercado has become a member of the project to create a...


BIS Builds a Digital Assets Platform Prototype With Some CBs


The Bank for International Settlements together with several central banks have built prototypes for bank-issued digital currencies platform. The network will serve for making transactions across borders, boosting their efficiency. BIS and financial authorities of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore,...

Ghana eCedi

Bank of Ghana Says Digital Cedi Will Complement Mobile Money


The Bank of Ghana (BoG) released a report that said electronic and mobile payment solutions will be used along with the national digital currency, eCedi. The Bank finds the eCedi must complement and enhance current payment methods. It will solve the pain points in the current system such as delayed...

Central Bank of the Philippines

The Central Bank of the Philippines will develop its crypto


The head of the Central Bank of the Philippines, Benjamin Diocno, at one of the recent events organized by the department, said that the relevant specialists of the Central Bank launched a pilot project to create a CBDC. “The financial system around the world continues to actively transform and...


Another African country is interested in the CBDC project


In Africa, a growing number of countries are considering launching their token (CBDC). Last summer, the Central Bank of Ghana began to analyze the consequences of the introduction of a regulated digital currency. Kenya has now become aware of similar plans. The Central Bank of this African state...


Nepal may launch its own token


The number of countries wishing to issue their token (CBDC) continues to grow. The concept of CBDC, developed by central banks, is supported by many representatives of the crypto business. For example, the CEO of the Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, said that regulated digital currencies are going...


Jordan considers launching a CBDC


The list of states wishing to issue a CBDC is constantly growing. Some central banks have already started testing their tokens. Now Jordan has begun to move in the same direction. As conceived by the Central Bank of the country, the CBDC will be pegged to the Jordanian dinar. The head of the...

South Korea

South Korea announced completion of the first phase of testing CBDC


Recently, the Central Bank of South Korea completed the first phase of testing the state-owned digital asset CBDC. It is known that the trial use of the sovereign cryptocurrency was launched in August 2021 and ended in December. Already, according to the YNA report, the financial regulator has...

Bank of America strategists CBDC

Bank of America Expects US CBDC To Be Launched Till 2030


Bank of America’s analysts released a report, where they said that Central Bank Digital Currencies are an unavoidable advancement of the existing digital assets. As per a news article by Bloomberg, the experts said that the US digital dollar will be different from other digital assets. The main...

Fed Central bank digital currency

US Fed Published a Study on Digital Dollar


The Federal Reserve System of the USA published a research paper on the digital USD, discovering the currency’s advantages and shortcomings. The establishment said that this is the first step between the system and stakeholders. Originally, the release was expected to be published in the summer...


Iran plans to start testing its token in the near future


Iranian authorities expect to use the national digital currency (CBDC) to bypass US economic sanctions. According to local media reports, the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic plans to provide access to the token to all test participants. However, the regulator has not yet named any specific...


Malaysia may isue its national digital asset


Malaysia may join those countries that are planning to issue their national digital currency (CBDC). The Central Bank of this country has not yet made a final decision. Soon, he will focus on exploring the potential of the token and developing the CBDC concept. If the Central Bank concludes that it...