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Blocknet (BLOCK) price, charts and news



Blocknet market data

BLOCK Coin Price: $0.208658
BLOCK Market Cap: $1,871,302
BLOCK Circulating Supply: 8,922,363 BLOCK
BLOCK Total Supply: 0.00 BLOCK
BLOCK 24 Hour Volume: $465
BLOCK 24 Hour High: $--
BLOCK 24 Hour Low: $--
BLOCK 24h Change: -2.14%

What is Blocknet?

Blocknet is a special platform with decentralized fundamentals, which operates to connect various blockchain communities together. The organisation understands that the number of blockchains soon will reach millions and if they fail with the connection among each other it will be very hard to operate with them. So, they have created their project which aims to deal with this really important obstacle. The point which helps to make these connections is that Blocknet has a built-in fluidity. The native coin of the platform was formed for service payments in the system.

BLOCK price historical chart

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