YouTube began blocking sensational cryptocurrency videos

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YouTube blocks crypto bloggers

The video bloggers Ivan on Tech, Chico Crypto and CryptoWendyO were blocked by the YouTube hosting administration after the publication of regular videos about bitcoin. And some got a “strike" during the live broadcast.

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“Our channel has a strike as soon as I started a new live stream. This doesn't make sense, nothing dangerous or harmful was being presented in that stream,” wrote Ivan on Tech, to which more than 215 thousand people are subscribed.

It is noteworthy that Ivan on Tech received a strike marked "harmful and dangerous content" for a video titled "BITCOIN GOING VERTICAL Halving IMPORTANT UPDATE", and CryptoWendyO, which has 5.5 thousand people subscribed, for the video "BITCOIN MASSIVE DROP INCOMING - TAKE PROFIT".

Based on this, some users suggested that the administration of the video hosting service might have been confused by the headlines' claim to sensationalism.

Meanwhile, Wave Tech director Tom Lombardi pointed out that Ivan on Tech advertises trading platforms with a dubious reputation on his channel, and urged the blogger to continue to be blocked:

The team of YouTube please continue to block @IvanOnTech. Saying “BITCOIN GOING VERTICAL”, a massively irresponsible statement, then encouraging his users to go on his sponsored crypto exchange is harmful and an indirect form of comp for investment advice. So bad for the industry!

The video hosting administration has not yet commented on the situation. Bloggers' videos are still blocked.

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In December 2019, due to some “moderation error”, YouTube blocked hundreds of cryptocurrency-related videos. After numerous user complaints, video hosting completely restored access to the content, saying that there were no innovations regarding cryptocurrencies in the conditions of use of the service.