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BIZpaye (CRYPTO) News

Dogecoin surged by 25%

DogeCoin Grew by 25% After Elon Musk Tweet


Tesla and SpaceX CEO expressed sympathy for Dogecoin on Twitter and entered into a discussion about Bitcoin with MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor. On December 20, the successful businessman wrote on Twitter: "One word: Doge." Following this, Dogecoin quickly soared 25% reaching 0.0047,...

Lil Pump launches digital coin

Rapper Lil Pump Launches PumpCoin


American rapper Lil Pump is launching a cryptocurrency on blockchain-powered tokenization platform Fyooz. Fyooz site informs that PumpCoin token owner will be able to play Call of Duty or NBA 2k21 live and 1:1 with Lil Pump. Earlier Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Yachty issued digital currency on...

BTC above $22.000

Bitcoin's on a Roll! The Price Hits $23.000.


Bitcoin continues showing strong bullish signs. Just a few hours later after surging $20000 it records a new all-time high surpassing $23.000. At the moment the cryptocurrency trades above $22.700. The price increased over 12% in a day. Analysts predict the rise will continue. BTC market cap has...

Atari games launches its token

Atari Games is Launching its Token Next Week


Famous arcade games company Atari Games joins the crypto sphere. Gaming cryptocurrencies have already gained huge popularity their funds reaching billions of dollars. Atari has been the initiator of many gaming innovations. It has also a great deal in the modification of the digital gamble token...

BBVA launches crypto services

Spain's Second Largest Bank Launches Crypto Services


Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), Madrid-based multinational financial services organization plans to launch cryptocurrency trading and custody services in the upcoming months. BBVA will reportedly deliver services in Switzerland and is awaiting regulatory approval. The team informed that...

1 million ETH received for ETh2.0

More Than 1 Million Eth Locked up in ETH2


After 4 days the beacon chain has launched, Eth2.0 keeps attracting deposits. The contract has received over 1 million ETH worth above $605 M. The stakers will get rewards in the future when staked amounts will be available for withdrawals. The closing day of the contract isn't defined yet. Rewards...


IOTA Cooperates with Pantos for R&D Lab


IOTA builds a partnership with Pantos to develop blockchain and distributed ledger technology within the framework of a new research institution aimed to innovate the two structures. On November 26, authorities informed that the multi-blockchain asset protocol Pantos and IOTA, along with...

BTC Price 24.11.2020

Bitcoin Price Surged $19.000


Justifying the expectations of the community, BTC today scored $19000 for the first time since mid-December 2017. Since November 18, it has been trading for about $18.700, sometimes felling lower than $18.000 then going up again. At the time of writing the price is about...


Bank of England thinks cryptos form a new financial order


Bank of England economist Andy Haldane believes digital currencies are revolutionizing. Their massive introduction will lead to the formation of a "new financial order." The expert outlined his position during a speech at the tenth-anniversary conference of the Central Bank of Great...

Bitcoin retirenment plan

US-based Firm to Launch BTC Retirement Plans


US-based asset management establishment DAiM lately informed about launching the country’s first employer-provided retirement programs that maintain BTC fundings. As reported by the officials, DAiM will act as the advisor and depositary in supporting firms to build a 401(k) program that suggests...

Eth price 20.11.2020

Eth is up to $500 For the First Time Since July 2018


Ethereum (ETH) price surged noticeably, hitting $500. This is a new high for more than 2 years. Last week the Ethereum search interest on Google was increased. It is apparently connected with Ethereum 2.0’s launch as potential buyers are looking to enter ETH markets and registers on the back of...

BTC price 18.11.2020

Bitcoin Price Reached $18.500 but Started Retracing


Bitcoin price has been fluctuating in the past several hours. The crypto asset went up to $18.500 reaching a new 3-year high. Then began retracing and going up again. At the time of writing the rate is about $17.800. Many analysts expressed their opinions concerning his on social media. Antoni...

VeChain Jumps 23% Weekly

VeChain Jumps 23% Weekly during Post-Epidemic Discussions


VeChain is making progress out of China. VeChain (VET) rate went higher having a week of increases along with analysis with Chinese authorities based on a post-epidemic wellness reaction. On Wednesday VET grew 2%. Then, the cryptocurrency raised about 23%. Only 2 other top-30 assets NEM and...

Bitcoin new high 12.11.2020

Bitcoin Scores $16.000, New 2020 High


The leading crypto asset Bitcoin has surged to a new yearly record reaching $16.000. The price is up over 4% during the last 24 hours. This is the first time since 2018 Jan. 8 that the BTC price was that elevated. One of the reasons is PayPal allowing spending it on Oct. 21, after which the price...

Sygnum Initiates Staking and Rewards for Tezos

Sygnum Initiates Staking and Rewards for Tezos


The world's first regulated digital asset bank Sygnum informed about launching control, exchanging, lending, and staking options for Tezos blockchain’s XTZ cryptocurrency. The new staking utility suggests up to 5% yearly compensation for XTZ. Sygnum told it's the first time XTZ can be stored and...

Coinbase lists new coins 06.11.2020

Coinbase Lists Three New Ethereum Tokens


Coinbase informed about listing 3 new crypto assets. Besides, the network allowed exchanging for 3 other crypto assets to New York lenders. Now the users can exchange Civic (CVC), Decentraland (MANA), and District0x (DNT) on the protocol. The first one is a decentralized ID protocol token. Mana is...

Digital Yuan Reaches $300 M

Use of China’s Digital Yuan Reaches $300 M


Yi Gang, the director of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) told that more than 2 billion digital yuan has been spent in approximately 4 million separate activities. This is equivalent to just under $300 M. China’s digital yuan is one of the world’s most popular digital assets. As early as...

market cap of WBTC has reached $1.5 B

Wrapped Bitcoin the 6th Largest Token on Ethereum


The market cap of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has reached $1.5 B which is 80% of the total BTC held on Ethereum. WBTC is the most common kind of Bitcoin used on the Ethereum system. The official website informed that at the moment there are 116,885 WBTC overall, supported by the same number of BTC held...