Bitcoin Is Seeing Its Best Performance Since 2013

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Bitcoin performance

BTC has been seeing the best quarter of its performance after the year 2013.

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The first quarter of 2021 came to the end. The majority of top cryptocurrencies have made progress during this interval.

The entire market cap of all crypto assets stands at around $1.9 trillion currently. Bitcoin trades at above $59.100 and Eth price surpassed $1.940. During the bullish trend which continued in Q1, BTC had its best run since 2013. For more than 30 days the price of the cryptocurrency has been higher than $50.000. The progress is also seen in the stock market.

Data shows that Bitcoin performs exceptionally well in the second halves in terms of a year.

From the point, BTC started trading, there was only one year when the coin saw negative returns in Q2. That was in 2018. Then the price of the cryptocurrency saw a 7% decline falling from $6.884 to $6.385.

With the growing number of investments and crypto adoption in payments, it is expected that Q2 will also be a good interval for BTC.