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AlphaDex (DEX) News

Trading volume

Trading volume on decentralized exchanges fell 8% in March


March turned out to be a less successful month for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) compared to February. Over the past 30 days, the number of transactions on such trading floors amounted to $ 67.32 billion. Compared to the previous month, the trading volumes fell by about 8.12%. The...


Ethereum transaction fees raised reaching their peak


The fees of transactions on the Ethereum platform have achieved an unprecedented hourly record lately. The increase in fee prices started in summer as a result of the extension in activities on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and different structures that cover the DeFi space. At the moment, average...


0x developers introduce liquidity aggregator for DEXs


The developers of 0x, a provider of infrastructure for decentralized exchanges (DEX), introduced their first product - a platform called Matcha, which collects liquidity from different DEXs. When a trader places an order on Matcha, he passes it to several trading platforms (0x Mesh, Uniswap, Curve,...