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Algorand (ALGO) price, charts and news



Algorand market data

ALGO Coin Price: $0.242474
ALGO Market Cap: $1,745,670,092
ALGO Circulating Supply: 7,199,412,180 ALGO
ALGO Total Supply: 7,434,210,332 ALGO
ALGO 24 Hour Volume: $99,433,914
ALGO 24 Hour High: $--
ALGO 24 Hour Low: $--
ALGO 24h Change: 1.86%

What is Algorand?

Algorand is a public blockchain developed by crypto leader, Turing Prize winner and MIT pedagogue Silvio Micali, which is concentrated on mass adoption. Officially launching in 2019, Algorand seeks to achieve acceleration of activity speeds. With fundamental ideas in the creation of an open and permissionless blockchain, the Algorand team has a concept for an inclusive ecosystem that provides a chance for anyone to be a part of an economy without borders and encouraging equity. The consensus formation provides full engagement, safety and speed in an absolutely decentralized network. It is also the first blockchain to implement direct performance completeness with no branching. Because the blocks are done in just a few seconds, Algorand allows the users to deal with large payments and monetary systems. ALGO is the native token of the Algorand Protocol and serves as the medium of trade and stock of value.

ALGO price historical chart

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