Waves launched a programming language for smart contracts creation in the core network

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Waves launched programming language

The decentralized blockchain-ecosystem Waves Platform has launched its own programming language RIDE on the core network. With its help, developers will be able to create smart contracts and full-fledged decentralized applications, site representatives told ForkLog.

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According to the developers, the writing of smart contracts based on the Waves blockchain is superior to similar solutions from Ethereum, EOS and TRON. Among the advantages are: an easy-to-learn programming language, the possibility of formal verification and “lazy computing”, a fixed amount of commission for transactions, the absence of “gas”, and improved scalability.

The founder and CEO of Waves, Alexander Ivanov, says that the launch of RIDE will attract developers to the platform both from competing platforms and from outside the blockchain segment.

According to the platform, in recent weeks, about 500 active participants have tested RIDE and dApps on a test network, generating 40-50 thousand transactions per day. Today, the average daily load is about 100 thousand transactions per day.

In the near future, after the release in the main network, Waves expects a net load increase of 30-50% and an increase in miner income.