Hahn Air uses blockchain to issue Tickets

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Hahn air started using blockchain

Hahn Air declared an article on November 18, and as to it, German corporation Hahn Air is going to be the first organisation to distribute tickets on a blockchain.

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The blockchain has many advantages for the sphere, like being 100% secure, open-source, and that all the participants of the process will have the same information and will have an opportunity of interacting directly. You can pay for these tickets using cash, credit card and cryptocurrency (ETH or LIF).

This became real as Hahn Air is co-operating with a Winding Tree. Winding Tree is a specific platform made for the travel sphere. The first passengers to use blockchain-issued tickets were the founder of Winding Tree Maksim Izmaylov, sales engineering director of Hahn Air Frederick Nowotny and CIO at Winding Tree Davide Montali.

Nowotny mentioned that the organisation intends to “study and control the possibilities blockchain holds for travel distribution, even if public adoption is still a concept of the prospect”. He also mentioned that their company keep up with modern technologies and aims to show its technical capability.

Izmaylov added that while blockchain is associated exclusively with crypto presently, it bears great potential for all spheres and endless applications. It is going to have a tremendous impact on all aspects of economics and commerce over the next decades. He also remarked that the air company is a perfect partner for their platform.