Venezuela’s Maiquetía Airport to Start Accepting Crypto

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Venezuela crypto payments

Director of Venezuela’s Maiquetía International Airport (otherwise called Simón Bolívar), Freddy Borges announced that the institution intends to add cryptocurrencies like Dash, BTC, and state-backed Petro (PTR) as a payments option.

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The exact date when the option will become available isn't known.

As stated in the report, published today, it will become possible to pay for flight tickets and services that the airport provides with selected crypto assets.

The director of the airport said they partner with crypto-focused financial operations entity Sunacrip (Superintendencia de Criptoactivos y Actividades Conexas de Venezuela) to regulate crypto operations. Borges mentioned the role of cryptos in helping travelers to carry out purchases more easily.

The executive stated the airport needs to make progress in the latest technological and payments systems to expand its accessibility. Previously, other airports and airlines of different countries announced adopting blockchain-powered solutions. This spring, Latvia’s aviation company airBaltic announced enabling Doge and Ether as a payment method.