TRON's Justin Sun will meet the legendary investor Warren Buffet: this cost him over 4.5 million dollars

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TRON's Justin Sun will meet investor Warren Buffet

TRON blockchain platform's founder Justin Sun is going to have a dinner with billionaire and legendary investor Warren Buffet on July 25 in San Francisco, as the Decrypt reported.

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Usually meetings with Buffett are held in New York, however, this time it was decided to transfer lunch to another city in the United States. Where exactly the event will be held, has not yet been disclosed.

Justin said that this "event" would “bridge the gap between the representatives of the crypto world and institutional investors.”

The legendary investor himself is also positively disposed towards the upcoming dinner, despite the fact that he's repeatedly expressed skepticism about cryptocurrency.

Warren Buffet himself said he is very glad that Justin won the dinner, and he looks forward to the day when he will meet Sun and "his friends".

Recall the fact Justin Sun had bought this dinner for $4.567.888. Tron's CEO said he'll share this opportunity to meet the titan with other big players of the industry.