Justin Sun again got into a scandal with the alleged pyramid

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Justin Sun Just.Game

TRON founder Justin Sun has once again been criticized by the community. He supported the launch of the decentralized Just.Game application, which is very similar to the financial pyramid.

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The new application is a game in which you need to send TRX tokens to a smart contract, and then publish the referral link on social networks. Users get rewards for promoting dapp. In the very first hours after the launch, 500 million TRX was sent to the contract, about which Sun himself announced on his Twitter. He also posted his link.

Users who watched the game live with Sun, say that the creator of TRON invested 125 million TRX in it. Some pointed out that a small number of active viewers suggest that many of the more than 2 million entrepreneur subscribers are fake accounts.

In the comments, users cautioned about the risks of losing funds, the dangers of Ponzi schemes, and accused Sun of greed.

The founder of TRON, known for his controversial marketing tricks, was reminded of his prediction that by the end of the year TRX will take fourth place in terms of capitalization.

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Recall, that earlier investors of the alleged Chinese pyramid Wave Field Super Community criticized Justin Sun for not warning users from participating in a scheme that used the TRON brand and even talked about collaborating with the project. Losses from the activities of the scheme were estimated at $30 million.