TokenAnalyst announced closure: Coinbase hires its employees

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TokenAnalyst closes

TokenAnalyst analytic platform announced the termination of work without explanation.

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The company posted the news of the closure on its blog. The creators of the platform thanked users for their active participation and support.

The report said that from now on, analytical information on the site will not be updated. The company also stopped supporting its own APIs for working with blockchains.

The reasons for the closure of the platform are not specified. The company only noted that part of the team goes to work at Coinbase. Among them are the founders of TokenAnalyst Jai Prasad and Sid Shekhar.

The report said that they remain committed to the cause and continue to move towards creating an open financial system for the whole world. They believe Coinbase is a great place to do this.

TokenAnalyst has been providing comprehensive information about the blockchains of various cryptocurrencies since 2017.