TikTok user plans to sell his video as an NFT

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Nathan Apodaca

American Nathan Apodaca, the author of the longboard TikTok to the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, put his viral video up for auction in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT).

Due to copyright issues, the video is sold without background music. The video will also smear the label on the bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice that Apodaca is drinking. The starting price of the lot is $500,000.

The blogger told the publication that he felt how his video made a good impression on people, so he decided to pass it on to the next person. With the proceeds, Apodaka wants to buy a house for his parents, as well as create an event center in his hometown.

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37-year-old Apodaca became famous last fall. On September 25, his car broke down in the middle of the highway while he was driving to work. Then the American grabbed his longboard and a bottle of juice and moved on. On the video filmed on the way with the "morning atmosphere", he put the song Dreams, which he sang cheerfully along on the video.

His TikTok quickly became popular. TV presenter Jimmy Fallon, singer Shakira, actor Kyle McLachlan, and many other celebrities shot their versions of the video.