The number of Ethereum addresses exceeded 100 million

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Ethereum accounts

According to Etherscan, the number of addresses of the second cryptocurrency reached 100 million. The figure, ten times the number of Internet users in 1995, indicates the promising prospects of the DeFi sector, said Defiant project founder Camila Russo.

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Thus, the pace of adoption of Ethereum is higher than that observed during the formation of the Internet. However, the parameter of the total number of addresses of 100 million should be considered with a certain share of skepticism. Many users have multiple addresses for various purposes. In addition, addresses can be automatically generated by trading bots.

A more indicative metric of real use may be the number of addresses with a non-zero balance. According to Glassnode, their daily growth rate accelerated and exceeded 100 thousand, and the total number of such addresses approached 40 million.

Positive dynamics are observed for stably active addresses. Last week, the indicator jumped to the mark of 400 thousand, and the 14-day moving average peaked since August 2018 at 340 thousand. Thus, the share of such addresses amounted to 1% of the total indicator with a non-zero balance.

So does the number of daily transactions. According to CoinMetrics estimates, on June 2, 980 thousand operations were recorded. This is almost three times higher than the similar indicator of the bitcoin network 308 thousand.