The number of bitcoin nodes in July reaches a new high

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There are currently more than 13,000 nodes available on the BTC network.

Recall that the previous record was set in January. At that time, 11,613 nodes were available to users on the blockchain.

On July 5, 13,374 nodes were recorded on the network. However, already in the middle of this month, the number of available nodes dropped to 12,875, the researchers note.

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Nodes using Bitcoin Core software account for 98.77% of the total infrastructure. The remaining nodes are based on Bitcore and Bitcoin Knots.

Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 with Terpoot code was released in May. According to the same Bitnodes service, 5125 bitcoin nodes use just such software. This is approximately 40% of the total number of nodes in the network infrastructure.

Almost half of the nodes use Tor, which provides a high level of privacy by obfuscating the IP addresses that connect to the node. Over the past year, 2,739 nodes have appeared.