Тears, mate, charity and accusations: self-proclaimed Bitcoin's creator Craig Wright in the court

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Craig Wright in the court

On June 28, a court hearing was held in Florida on the sensational case of Kleiman vs Wright, during which nChain senior researcher Craig Wright first appeared under oath.

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The main purpose of the meeting was to hear the explanations of the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator regarding why he did not provide the court with the requested documents about his Bitcoin capital because for that he faces a charge of contempt of court.

The meeting turned out to be extremely long, and the transcript takes more than 200 pages and contains a number of errors, which is probably due to a lack of understanding of the court secretary of the technical component of the case. If we briefly tell what happened during the meeting, then there is a list what Wright managed to do:

  • Under oath, said that he is the creator of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto);
  • Made a series of factual and technical errors;
  • Blamed Bitcoin’s second protocol developer, Marty Malmi (Sirius) and Michael Marquart (Theymos) for creating the darknet market Silk Road, and also stressed that his original vision was completely distorted;
  • Declared his readiness to abandon 1 million BTC at the Tulip Trust and transfer them to educational needs for the poorest segments of the world's population;
  • In 2020, he is supposed to be able to unlock funds in the Tulip Trust, but now, it is impossible due to the lack of Dave Kleiman’s signature and information that was known to him alone;
  • At the hearing, he managed to make up his mind, cry and even get a warning from the judge that he could be handcuffed faster than he would blink.

Note that soon there will be another hearing, during which experts under oath will assess the accuracy of the evidence presented to the court. After that, the court will be ready to decide on Craig Wright, who may face fines or even six months in prison for alleged disrespect for the court.