Bitcoin rises to a high of $30,000 in Iran

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Bitcoin rises to a high of $24,000

People who have Bitcoin in Iran are asking for $30,000 through Iran’s forum for the buying and vending of Bitcoin termed as local Bitcoin. This rate goes beyond the extreme high set by Bitcoin in the year 2017.

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This surprising rise comes as a result of an air attack carried by the US army which murdered Iran’s leader of the Quds army and one of their prominent commanders, General Qasem Soleimani.

Aside from Bitcoin, the price of oil has also seen a drastic increase as a result of this situation.

Messari Ryan Selkis who owns crypto analytics reported that this terrific increase in Bitcoin’s value is because the citizens of Iran are set to cast aside their currency that is descending in value because of the likelihood of battle with the US.

Not just this, the Iranian command has decreased the internet facility throughout the country, which will help in deescalating the demonstrations that took place and demanded a reduction in fuel rates across the nation. It has badly affected the amount of buying and selling happening via local Bitcoin.

This scenario can get even worse with Iran now promising its citizens to get vengeance against the US for Qasem’s murder.

Previously, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani said that there was a need for Muslim countries to introduce their digital currency which can face the financial strength of the US.

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Anyhow, Iran has an unfriendly stance against the entire system of digital currencies as the government has also declared rewards for those who reveal the mining functions all over the nation.