SEC’s Sur-Reply Petition Denied by the Judge

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SEC vs Ripple judge decision

The SEC vs Ripple lawsuit moves forward. US district judge Analisa Torres responded shortly "denied" to the SEC's request to file a Sur Sur-Reply. The purpose of the request was to cite a prior Court ruling from a different circuit striking an entirely different defense. In legal terms, sur-reply means an additional reply to a motion after it has been fully briefed.

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Ripple filed an opposition, saying that the regulator was trying to have permission for a do-over because it was unhappy with the Court's prior ruling. The subject is about January 13, 2022 Order, according to which Ripple got permission to access the SEC's documents related to the ex-official William Hinman's speech when he said Ether isn't a security.

The speech is of key importance in the ongoing lawsuit as Ripple says if the SEC doesn't view Ether as a security, it shouldn't view XRP either. On the other hand, the SEC argues that the speech was Hinman's own opinion, and therefore it shouldn't be considered as guidance.