Robinhood says it has no plans to invest in bitcoin

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Despite significant customer demand, online broker Robinhood has no intention of investing corporate funds in digital assets. That was announced at the conference The Wall Street Journal by CFO Jason Warnick.

“We don't have a compelling strategic reason to invest a significant portion of corporate funds in cryptocurrencies,” he said.

According to Warnick, Robinhood has yet to expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies, as the company wants to "see clarity" on the regulation of digital assets.

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When asked when an online broker will add Shiba Inu (SHIB) to their platform, the CFO replied: “We don't miss out on the fact that our customers would like to see us add new coins. We are a highly regulated company in a highly regulated industry, so we believe it is important to get more clarity from supervisors.”

Warnick's vague response fueled rumors of a possible SHIB listing on Robinhood. In particular, there were messages on Twitter that the company is going to announce this in early February.