Phemex Listed 47 New Tokens for Spot Trading

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Trading is an actual source of passive income and a reasonable investment opportunity in the crypto domain. And if you want to start trading crypto, tokens are usually one of the better choices.

Tokens are created by cryptocurrency companies that want to raise money. Investors who are interested in the company can purchase them and hold onto their assets to participate in a new business concept or for an economic reason.

Among many others, tokens can be used for investment purposes, store value, or purchases. And now, Phemex, one of the biggest crypto trading platforms, is listing 47 new tokens, thus increasing the platform's capacity to provide more tokens for its users, which means more chances to invest and earn.

About GameFi & Metaverse

Phemex trading platform is known not just because of its helpful features and instruments but also because of its multiple trading contests, NFT art projects, and much more. The company believes that play to earn and metaverse are essential methods to invest.

GameFi is simply a fusion of "game" and "finance." It combines cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and game mechanics to create a virtual environment where players participate and earn money.

Being the launchpad of choice for Metaverse, Play-to-Earn, or blockchain-enabled games, unlike other launchpad platforms, GamiFi focuses on catering to both the NFT/Metaverse/Play-to-Earn community and online game communities.

How about Metaverse?

Metaverse is a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality and blurs the line between your online and real-life interactions. On platforms like the Sandbox, Mirandus, and Decentraland, people can interact in different ways.

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Popular platforms to buy Metaverse cryptocurrency include Binance, Gemini, and Coinbase. These exchanges will help you convert fiat currency into the Metaverse crypto you need. If you already own cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether, you can exchange that directly for Metaverse tokens.

Why gaming tokens?

The advantages of game tokens are multiple. The primary benefit is the stabilization of the economic system in the game. The model allows players to play without affecting the primary token's fluctuating price. The separation of in-game tokens also allows developers to adjust the economic model of different tokens flexibly. And in the end, what can be more satisfying than playing while making money?

Of the 47 Pemex's newly listed tokens, GALA, LOKA, TLM, VOXEL, and GHST are gaming tokens. Let's take them separately and see what each is about:

  • GALA is a token created by Gala Games, a blockchain-based, play-to-earn gaming platform. Gala Games enables users to earn their GALA token for achieving in-game milestones. Users can also generate and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game or in non-game-based exchanges.
  • LOKA is a governance token of the kingdoms in the League of Kingdoms game metaverse. It was created in collaboration with the TPA Metaverse foundation.
  • TLM or Trilium is the native token of Alien Worlds metaverse, a decentralized blockchain game that leverages elements of the DeFi and NFT technology. Trilium is a fungible ERC-20 token that can be used across the metaverse. By mining the suitable land with the right tools, you can get more Trilium.
  • VOXEL token is the native currency for Voxie Tactics, a game that combines cute voxel characters, adorable personalities, and collectible NFT technology.
  • GHST is the primary utility token of the Aavegotchi ecosystem and is used to buy and sell goods within the Aavegotchi world, including Aavegotchis themselves. GHST can also be staked for additional rewards and transferred between users, just like other cryptocurrencies.

Phemex's vision

Phemex wants to empower everyone to trade and manage risk efficiently. Several professional Wall Street Traders founded it to allow users to trade perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage, also supporting 12 spot trading pairs and 15 contract trading pairs.

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The platform is primarily known for being the first to offer its users zero-fee spot trading in exchange for a low-cost membership. They have everything you need, from quality support to high security.

Stay tuned

Trading and play-to-earn gaming are some of the top-rated cryptocurrency activities. Therefore, Phemex, as one of the top trading platforms, is striving to provide 47 new token listings to help users increase their cryptocurrency opportunities. Be the first to start trading and keep in touch with the latest news by checking the official Phemex website.