Opinion: BTC market share'll fall, altcoins season is close

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Opinion: BTC market share'll fall, altcoins season is close

CryptoElliott tech analyst concluded that the Bitcoin dominance index could soon fall.

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According to his observations, bearish divergences on the chart of the dominance index indicate a high probability of a decrease in the BTC market share.

On a smaller timeframe, CryptoElliott is sure that the index is likely to fall after a short upward correction.

According to CoinMarketCap, to date, the market share of bitcoin has reached 70%, which corresponds to the marks of the end of March 2017.

The Crypto Dog tech analyst also has no doubt that the overall market situation will improve soon. In his opinion, after a drawdown of no more than 10%, total market capitalization should go up.

The Crypto Dog also noted a falling wedge on the daily chart of total capitalization, signaling the upcoming bullish reversal.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin situation does not look very encouraging. On the daily chart, CoinDesk Markets analysts found a bearish takeover pattern.

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Experts admit that the next level of support will be $9900. However, the mood will change dramatically if the bulls overcome the mark of $10.956, corresponding to the maximum of August 20.