Morgan Stanley Considers Adding BTC

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Morgan Stanley BTC

New-York based international investment bank and financial services provider Morgan Stanley announced it may add Bitcoin to its list of bets. The firm's wing Counterpoint Global views the option and is waiting to get confirmation from the firm and regulators.

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Counterpoint Global is a $150 B investment fund.

Crypto assets have been drawing the interest of major Wall Street companies. Among them is the Bank of New York Mellon, Mastercard, and others.

BNY Mellon disclosed its plans to offer BTC transactions, while Mastercard said on Thursday it would allow traders to accept several cryptocurrencies. Yesterday BTC reached a new all-time high of $49.708. Its market cap stands at above 913 Billion at the moment.

Along with this, miners' revenues reached new highs. Recently the profits from transaction fees went up to 0.97 BTC per block. Bitcoin miners are now making around $40 million per day overall.